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KillJoyseries89 reviews Halo Waypoint (X360)

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KillJoyseries89 said...

An Xbox 360 app where you can watch, organize and track all things Halo. Very good idea 343 Industries, Bungie never would have thought about making it since they no longer have Frank O'Connor.

Game Traits applied to Halo Waypoint (X360) by KillJoyseries89

  • The Setting:
    Halo universe
  • Playing As:
  • Playing Against:
  • How it's Played:
    achievements, Scoring
  • General Tone:
    Sci-Fi Future
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would I be dense for asking who Frank O'Conner is/was ? what happened to Frank ?
Frank O'Connor was the mastermind behind Halo. After Halo 2 released, he left Bungie. After Halo 3 and during Halo: Reach's release he came back to work for 343 Industries, a....branch off of the Microsoft tree so to speak. He is what gave Halo life. I was a fan of Reach until I got demoted. I reserved the game and got it at the mid-night release at GameStop. Had all of the DLCs. But for some reason they demoted me for "being away from my controller during a multiplayer session of Firefight." As a father, I was probably being yelled at by my son for a new diaper. But for the current Bungie being mindless 40 year old virgins, they would never understand. So,I took the game back to GameStop and kept the additional stuff (ie; diary and badge). And now Bungie is working on multi-platform games with Activision. Activision also help Treyarch with Call of Duty. 6 letter word for EpicFail? B U N G I E. Sorry, but it all had to come out. lol.
I thank you (on behalf of all who may read this as well) for the informative, and insightful answer to my regarding Frank O'Connor :)
I never knew who or whom conceived "The Halo" lol, I just know I've loved it right from the beginning. With that being said, I would like to address the more interpersonal part of the story, which I read five times.
I would like for you to know the following :
1. I do not work for, know anyone who works for, nor do I financially benefit in any way from Microsoft, 343 Industries, or BUNGIE.
2. I played the crap outta Halo Too much. But I had other things going on during the releases of Halo 2 , 3 , ODST , etc. and I set aside gaming for a bit. I bought xbox360 and LIVE early part of August, 2011, and have played every single day, through sore finger joints and friends and family who wonder where the fuck I went to.
3. I cannot imagine a day without playing Halo Reach now and I think it's become a problem (lol jk .. maybe)
4. I am going to the midnight release of Halo evolved at my local Game Stop, because it's already paid for. November 15, btw lol - and so your story of "the past" is somewhat similar to my story of the future (well, just the beginning of it I hope:) and so I want you to understand that I am right there with you, in the story and in my mind OK? with all that being said...

Hey - I would have done the same as you did quite Frankly (lol), taking the stuff back, ( I would've done it all huffy and puffy and shit), swearing off the game and being totally dismissive of the entire process - that is - if I didn't know this :
I 've talked to so many people who were "demoted" and the general feeling at first, I believe, is shock. Then anger. Then .... what ? It depends. Understand that the Reach engine isn't making a "standard rule" decision just for or because of you, it has these rules and guidelines built-in for everything from why & when a player is demoted to , as well as which player is teamed up with who (the engine knows who really sucks and who doesn't), as well as when a player gets a "jackpot" - the list goes on for how many hard and fast rules the engine has for everyone. I understand how one feels personally insulted when decisions/consequences are made forcefully for them, and without a chance for them to rebut the charges against them- just consequence, it SUCKS! and I am so very sorry that you were made to feel that way . Frank says he didnt know anything about it lol :))))
When you're demoted, it is like being young again, but this time you have to wisdom, the skills and the know how to be a deadly killer on Halo Reach... you see ? A "low rank" only brings in more "low ranks" for you to killy-kill :) Ya see ? It was a blessing, not a curse ! So if you decide my ramblings are worth you getting a used copy of REACH to see wtf is really goin on - HIT ME UP AND WE WILL RANK YOU UP.
peace my KillJoy
Lol. Thanks. I'm definitely getting Halo CE 10th Anniv. Already paid for. The first time I beat it will be on Legendary then I'll play it again on Easy to get the small Gs Achievements. But as for my demotion... I think I have 67% of my Commendations. Check me out on Bungie and also look at my rendered video "Brave Marine" in my fileshare.
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